Immerse Cuisine Contemporary Colorado meets Upscale Bar Food
meets Farm to Table Restaurant

Immerse Cuisine is the creative brainchild of Chef Brent Beavers, focusing on making interesting and thoughtful food that is fun to eat and is served in an approachable and relaxed community setting. Using items from Colorado and the surrounding area whenever possible, to build a more vibrant food and small business culture in our area. The menu is fluid and changes often, in order to take advantage of the surplus of incredible products and food produced and grown in Colorado during different seasons.


It is the responsibility of a business to bolster and build the community it exists in. Here at Immerse we take the social aspects of responsible business to heart; we believe that business solely for the sake of money is an outdated concept. Business should not only be judged on its bottom line, but also on how it makes the community and individuals of the community stronger. We provide a positive, creative learning environment for individuals recovering from different varieties of life crises.  Working with us at Immerse Cuisine helps these individuals build confidence and gain work and social experience that translates to the modern restaurant environment.


Since opening May 4th 2018 we have provided training, stages and employment opportunities for seventeen individuals that are rebuilding after life crisis. We have sourced more than 1000 pounds of food locally, and have diverted more than 1400 pounds of waste to animal feed or organic compost.


Farms and Local Businesses We Source From
  • Austin Family Farms
  • Ella Farms
  • Villanueva Growers
  • White Mountain Farms
  • Great Range
  • Frost Livestock
  • Sourdough Boulangerie
  • Big B’s

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Small Plates Menu

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Bar Menu

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Dinner Menu

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