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Hoppy Easter! Promotion Partner Sign-up Information

Calling all retail, art, and other street-level businesses


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Community has always been an important part of what makes us cluck. And we love to think outside the henhouse. And any chance we get to be (just-a-bit) cheeky around the fact that we’re in an old church? We hop on it! And so here’s the deal! Some of you already know how this works (it is our fifth year, after all!), so you can skip to the bottom. 

We select give-or-take a dozen retail, art, and other locally-owned, independent street-level businesses in and around downtown, and ask you if you’ll hide some eggs around your space. Inside each egg, we’ll have assorted coupons for the various concepts at The Carter Payne, including deals on dinner, brunch, desserts, beers from Local Relic, wine from Crusade Wine Bar, and drinks both alcoholic and non- from Araucana Bespoke Cocktails. We’ll direct all of our followers, via in-store flyers and social media, to visit your stores and find an egg. It’s our hope that while they’re poking around, they might find something to buy, or at the very least, file away your store in their memory so next time they’re looking for that perfect item, they’ll consider you instead of the evil <insert amazon/walmart/etc here>. We’ll direct them to turn the now-emptied egg to you, so that you can refill with it a coupon (we’ll supply you with plenty!) and you can rehide it for the next customer. Hopefully they’ll swing by our place with the coupon and enjoy some time with friends and family over food and drinks.

And if you’re game, we’d love to have you offer some deals for coupons — we’ll handle the printing — which we’ll stuff into eggs and offer at our spot. With each drink purchased, customers will get to pick an egg, and will find inside it a coupon for one of our participating partners, which hopefully drives them to come in and visit you. Our customers already love downtown, and love supporting community-oriented local businesses, and we hope that if we can just nudge them to pay you a visit, they’ll be eggcited they found you! You can specify if you only want a specified number of each created, or if we can print as many as needed. Keep in mind, only a small percentage have been redeemed in past years. The discounts don’t need to be anything significant — past offers have been as simple as a free sticker, sample/taste of a product, or 5% off if you buy 2 of something specific.

There’s no cost to participate, and if you’d like to help promote on social media, we’d welcome it, but there’s no obligation. As a way to say thank you, we’ll drop off some coupons separate from the ones used to re-stuff eggs so that you may share them with your staff. Thanks for helping us build community, we’re excited to have you!

If you have questions or want to chat, feel free to reach out to me — I’m Jeff, co-owner of The Carter Payne, you can reach me at or call or text my cell, 719-329-8474. And if we haven’t met, I’d love to catch up over a drink — it’s on me! You may also get to meet Melissa Antoniano, official Egg Ambassador. If she walks through your door, she’s with us!