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Sunday School :: A Wine Primer – The Complete Series


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A five session, not-too-intense (we promise!) introduction to the world of wine. Beginning with A Wine Primer: Talking and Tasting, and then proceeding through the world of whites, world of reds, all the rest, and wrapping with a day of food and wine pairing, this will get you up to speed with all your wine-drinking friends quicker than you thought possible. Plus, it’s the first class you’ve had in a while where you’ll be excited to complete your homework!

Purchasing this includes admission to all four classes:

  • February 25th – A Wine Primer :: Talking and Tasting — Bright? Full Bodied? Dry? Flabby? Tannic? What do people even mean? Get up to speed quickly with this approachable and fun introduction to wine. We’ll cover all the important wine words (and taste corresponding wines to match), plus cover the basics on how to taste, why there are no wrong answers, and learn the real way to get better quicker! If you’re an expert looking to brush up, if you’re just an expert drinker but want some knowledge to back up your habit, or if it’s your first time tasting wine (yes, really!), we promise there’s great info here for everybody! (class link)
  • March 3rd – The World of Whites — Explore white wines from classic to contemporary from around the world. A guided experience exploring six wines will help you dial in your palette while learning geography our favorite way: by tasting! (class link)
  • March 10th – Bye Week — No Class
  • March 17th – The World of Reds — A guided experience through six red wines from across the world, featuring varietals expected and unexpected, to help you continue to build knowledge and confidence. (class link)
  • March 24th – Pairing Day — Yes, we agree, drinking is fun, but for us, it really comes alive when wine is paired with food. The most magical pairings are those where the food makes the wine better, and the wine makes the food better. Learn some tactics to help make sure your next dinner party is one to remember! This class includes a guided tasting experience featuring four wines and an hors d’oeuvres flight with four small bites, intentionally paired to help explain the concepts of pairing. (class link)