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Sunday (wine) School Exploring the world of wine, week by week

From the practiced expert to the (absolute) beginner, we're covering all the bases, and taking you on the journey with us!

Join Julie Minor, sommelier extraordinaire of Crusade, for Sunday School at The Carter Payne. Join us for wine classes from basic to Bordeaux, from wild to Willamette to whimsical! Wine aficionados of all confidence levels (especially beginners!) are invited out to taste, explore, and gain confidence in the world of wine.

Enrolling Now The (old) World of Wine

We’ll take you on a tour-by-tongue of the old world of wine. Historically the least understood by us Americans, we’ll break it down country by country for you, taste some fun things, teach you some tricks, and help you explore all great things you’ve been missing!

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We know it’s summer, so if you can’t make it to the whole series, you can still pick up individual tickets below.

  • June 4th – The Wines of Spain — With approachable wine laws,  not-too-many regions, and wines that are both delicious and immensely food pairable, Spain is a great region to build your knowledge and  show off your newfound expertise.  TICKETS HERE
  • June 11th – The Wines of Portugal — Small but mighty, and with some of the best dessert wines in the world, we’d forgive you for overlooking this regions spectacular table wines, widely appreciated not just approachability, but also for their value.  TICKETS HERE
  • July 2nd – The Wines of France — The granddaddy of them all, it’s imprudent to claim a solid understanding of the world of wine without at least a  cursory knowledge of all that is France. Fortunately, it’s well structured, and not nearly as intimidating as it seems. We’ll help you unlock the secrets to credibility,  and set you on a path towards the world of Franophilian wine. TICKETS HERE
  • July 9th – The Wines of Italy — If you thought (wisely) that understanding French wine was important to your journey, we know you won’t overlook Italy either. Unfortunately for all of us, where France has guidelines and structure, Italy has centuries of hyper-local tradition, and a healthy willingness to buck tradition and do whatever they desire. Have no fear, while it’s a scary country to unpack, we’ll help you navigate all of the  complexities and help you fall in love with the nuance and variety that is Italy. TICKETS HERE
  • July 23rd – The Wines of Germany and Austria — As, perhaps, a much needed reprieve post-Italy, the Germans, as they do in so much of life, have a well-structured and disciplined approach. Lest, if you think this is the week to skip (because who likes sweet wines, anyway?),  rest assured that the Blue Nun you’ve loved to hate doesn’t  do the fine winemakers of Germany any justice. And with traditions and varietals that overlap, we’ll help you tiptoe towards the imminently value-centric and spectacular offerings from neighboring Austria. TICKETS HERE
  • July 30th – The Wines of Hungary, Slovenia and Greece — Our tour of the old world wouldn’t be complete without an  acknowledgement of where it all started – the Ancient  World. While this moniker  includes a broader subset of countries than we’ll explore in this class, it’s worthy of  expiration not just for historical reference, but because any gathering where you appear with a wine from one  of  these countries, you’ll be the star of the show. TICKETS HERE