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An Evening of Comedy with Two Girls One Cocktail


Join the hosts of the “Two Girls, One Cocktail” podcast, Mel Klema and Kelly Bugbee, for an evening of comedy!  We’ll launch with a live recording of an episode of their award-winning podcast, followed by a comedy show featuring Headliner Mitch Jones.

Mel and Kelly will be your spirit guides and dazzle you with cocktail knowledge and chicanery, at least some of which will hold up in court. Kelly will be making (or attempting to make, at least) a Mezcal Sour, and Mel will be critiquing her performance, as per usual. And of course, producer Andrew will be doing, well, whatever it is that he does. But have no fear, The Carter Payne’s Sarah Nasatka will be behind the bar making cocktails for everybody else, so imbibe with confidence! Grab a drink upstairs during intermission, and then re-join us in The Cellar for a comedy show, featuring comedians Nina Davis and Thad B., followed by Headliner, Denver’s own Mitch Jones.

Your ticket gets you admission, plus your very own Mezcal Sour, the featured drink of the podcast. Don’t forget, come early and grab dinner upstairs!

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